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Legendary Loppemarked touching up on trash

Group 1 ( Loppemarked ) is touching up on trash by having an exceptional guest named Agnete join them for terrific fun in the schoolyard. But before that let us have a look at what happened inside. Up in 1. A the children are deeply entertained by Agnete’s interesting topics and worksheets containing: lunchbox trash questions and much more exciting work.

Many questions there were when Agnete was around. Letting the students show their curious side, helping them learn more. They struggled a bit with it if the drawing was normal paper or tinfoil. Causing a bit of distress.

Bringing the students outside after this was a marvelous idea, the students stuck their hands down into a mystery bag containing real (and washed) trash. After that, the students got cards where they could choose from different options about the insides of the bag. Some of the students claimed that it was weird but hilariously fun.

Photo: Vera, Hannah and Karoline. The children are learning about the cycle of trash.

Vera, Karoline and Hannah

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