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The Mismatched Monsters! Swaying in the wind!

Team 12 is on a mission to fill isj with wonder and hope. Just now they have unleashed the Mismatched Monsters!! Two creatures made by hand one 15 meters long and one 9 meters long. Their goal in life is to hang on the entrance of the school just waiting for the right moment to strike. Everyone can agree that it is quite a wonderful  improvement to the school. And that therefore it would be great to see more of this in the school.

The Mismatched Monster 2!

6 members from group 12 are on a mission! They must hang up their 9-meter-long and 15-meter-long braids that they braided out of fabric. They must hang these braids up at the entrances of the school to show the school and every guest that comes tonight how bright and wonderful the school is!

The monster has awakened!! When they took out the long braids first the monster (the students who were holding the braids ) was a snake that would rap up anyone! Then outside when they had rapped someone then it would become The Mismatched Monster!

When they hung up the monster it would sway in the wind. When they came outside they hung up the 9-meter-long braid at the front gate in front of the school. When two boys had climbed up on the wall where the gate was they would throw the braid back and forth until they couldn’t anymore, and then they would tie it on one of the round balls at the top.

The 15-meter-long braid!

When they were done with the 9-meter-long braid we went to the other gate where they would wrap the 15-meter-long braid at least one time around the top, then they wrapped it around two times! After the second time everyone started to wonder if they would wrap it three times, and for the ones out there that are confused then YES they did wrap it three TIMES!?