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Poetry Cafe teaches children about the dangers of climate change.

Up in Caoimhe and Rikke’s Poetry Cafe, the ready-to-learn children are glowing with excitement to learn about the interesting subject: Climate change. On the eleventh of October, they are ready to help out the climate by walking around the Østerbro søer, picking up trash on their way while listening to fantastic podcasts.

So far they have already found time to do a lot of fun things, for example, recycling old books and turning them into something beautiful, easily finding things to sell for this cause. Not only will they be selling folded books, bookholders, and book covers on Thursday, but also cake and hot chocolate. Setting the Cafe mood they had promised to bring.

They also have a great idea of making posters with information and poetry about climate change to raise awareness of this terrible thing. They will also be looking at heartbreaking climate photos with the interest to gather all the feelings in order to make a change.

Photo: Karoline and Vera.
Students in this classroom who are working on their assignments on saving the climate.